Acupuncture Credits

Seminars and Workshops 


One of the most interesting formats is the online webinar. This format allows for two way communication between presenter and attendee. In this way, questions can be asked about relevant content. In addition, downloads are available as well as viewing content relevant to discussions. Feeback from attendees lets us know that viewing a speaker talking (talking head video) is not compelling and does not further learning. However, viewing pertinent documents relevant to course material is warmly received becuase it furthers educational goals.

Nurses and acupuncturists seeking acupuncture continuing education and nursing continuing education credits simply purchase course materials, download them, take the online quiz, and receive a certificate of completion online. The certificates are good for California CEU credits for nurses and acupuncturists.  Also, the certificates are good for acupuncture continuing education credit nationally for PDA credit through the NCCAOM as well as being applicable for Florida acupuncturists (Florida Acupuncture Board- CE Broker) and Canada, BC (CTCMABC).

The best places to learn more about acupuncture CEU online credit are approved associations such as Acupuncture CEUNCCAOM and the California Acupuncture Board.

The process is simple, secure, and helpful in developing skills and knowledge for application in the clinical setting.  One advantage of online courses is that the material is searchable.  Therefore, a syndrome or treatment protocol is at your fingertips with a simple search on the computer.  This makes detailed studies accessible in a busy working environment. 

CEU courses can be downloaded and stored for future reference.  There is no time limit between purchasing an online course and taking the quiz for a certificate of completion.  In addition, quizzes may be retaken as needed.  Quizzes are provided both as learning tools and also to meet state and national CEU requirements. 

Another aspect of online education is that all of the information is easily kept current. 

In book publishing, by contrast, updates occur with new publications.  Online, however, medical works can be updated as needed without the need to reprint/republish.  In this way, nursing and acupuncture continuing education courses are accurate and up-to-date.
The nursing profession must update to deal with increased patient loads, computerization, and new technology.  In addition, holistic medicine now integrates with nursing thus requiring educational opportunities for nurses to meet the new demands of the profession.  Nurses often must update their knowledge base to keep their licenses.  This helps in the process to adapt to modern needs along with on the ground experience.