Online Acupuncture CEUs

The Healthcare Medicine Institute launches its acupuncture online continuing education division, HealthCMI.  HealthCMI brings the classroom online using open source solutions for the web.  “Open source solutions allow our learning management systems to operate on any type of server and offers unprecedented educational opportunities for medical professionals,” notes Adam White, Executive Director of the Healthcare Medicine Institute. 

Licensed acupuncturists can download continuing education courses at and receive instant state approved continuing education certificates upon completion of course materials.

“After many years of providing classroom lectures and on-site continuing education workshops, acupuncturists can now enjoy those benefits online,” said Adam White, Licensed Acupuncturist (L. Ac.), Executive Director of the Healthcare Medicine Institute.  “Acupuncturists require uninterrupted access to medical information to better serve their patients,” continued Adam White, L. Ac. 

The Healthcare Medicine Institute recognizes the trend towards online educational opportunities and has fulfilled an important role in providing quality continuing education courses for acupuncturists with an advanced learning management system based on open source solutions.  The HealthCMI learning management system allows acupuncturists to purchase online courses, take any state required quizzes or surveys, and receive certificates of completion.  “Automating this process allows acupuncturists with busy practices to access medical knowledge anywhere and at any time,” notes Adam White, L. Ac.

The Healthcare Medicine Institute is dedicated to supporting a consortium of authors and presenters.  Content providers are encouraged to publish medical works for medical professionals which are original, useful, and interesting. 

By providing a certificate and license renewal process in conjunction with the production of original medical works, the Healthcare Medicine Institute assists writers in obtaining the financial support requisite to devote time towards quality publications.  The Healthcare Medicine Institute assists writers and presenters with lecture presentations, quiz creation, approvals for continuing education credit, and the preparation of educational materials for publication. All HealthCMI courses are NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), California Acupuncture Board, and Florida Acupuncture Board approved. 

All HealthCMI acupuncture courses are approved for continuing education credit in every state that licenses acupuncturists.  The HealthCMI division of the Healthcare Medicine Institute assists in the preparation of courses for online access.

The Healthcare Medicine Institute supports both original content and increased awareness of existing medical works for acupuncturists, nurses, physicians, and dentists.  Content providers are encouraged to supplement existing books and other publications with related course materials for continuing education credit.  HealthCMI provides services to assist in the creation of online courses using original and existing works as either support documentation or as the basis for the course material.  In this way, authors are supported in the transition from publications to interactive course materials.

Advances in cross-platform computer technology have contributed greatly to the expansion of medical publications. 

“Open source solutions have empowered HealthCMI to move forward with learning management systems capable of handling enormous demands on multiple operating systems including MacOS, Windows, and Linnux,” continues Adam White, L. Ac.  “Never before has this much medical information been available in an interactive and cooperative working environment.  Now, medical professionals in China can conduct research and co-opt publications with authors in Japan, the United States, and Germany in a seamless working environment.”  The Healthcare Medicine Institute recognizes these opportunities and will soon expand operations to include online continuing education for dentists through its HealthCMI division.